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UCSM 1.2 Feature: KVM Launch Manager

Here is a cool new feature in the UCSM 1.2.1b code that is going to come in handy .  You get to the Cisco UCS Manager (UCSM) via a web browser.  Now when you hit the main web page you have the option to run the UCSM or something new called the UCS – KVM Launch Manager.

Do not need to give a system admin login to UCSM, they can get to the KVM securely from this web page now.

So why is UCS – KVM Launch Manager a cool thing? 

We run a few Windows servers directly on UCS b M1 blades.  The system administrators of those boxes have to connect to them from time to time, this is typically done with a RDC connection with the -console switch.  If there is a problem with that approach they would need to log into UCSM and connect to the KVM.  Now, if the KVM access is all that system admin needs for that server I can have them use the UCS KVM Launch Manager and they can launch a KVM session from a secure web page using their AD login.  This is a nice new feature.

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