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Cisco B230 Blade: Got to love the memory!

Today was a cool day.  We setup a fiber channel port-channel for the connection between our 6120 and the MDS 9148 switches.  Then I recieved my first B230 blade all tricked out!

It took me all but a minute to rip over the box and pull the cover off.  Man, 32 DIMM slots on a half blade, what a pretty sight.

Yes, those are 32 – 8 GB memory DIMMS for a total of 256 GB of memory.  Also, we have a pair of Intel Xeon L7555 CPUs each with 8 cores!

So our plan next week is to zone the blade to the new VMAX, load VMware ESXi 4.1 and start messing around with it.

This stuff is exciting.

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