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Cisco Live 2010 . . .

I am on a plane headed to Las Vegas for this year’s Cisco Live conference. It has been a few years since I last attended Cisco Networkers back before it evolved and expanded just like Cisco and the rest of IT has changed. Back then I was interested in wireless, network security and just getting an understanding of storage area networks and the MDS line of gear.

Today I continue to have a heavy focus on the importance of the datacenter but there is a diverse and wide variety of technologies that all have to come together for a health system to deliver exceptional patient care.

It is time again for our organization to refresh our wireless to support greater bandwidth by using 802.11n, provide for a substantial increase in the number of wireless devices and simplify the management of it.

How we look at our LAN moving forward will need to expand the support of Quality of Service (QoS) to handle more video and voice. How it will all come together will be key as we move forward. Just like we are building in high availability and redundancy in the datacenter we have to focus similar attention on the network. This is the northbound traffic heading out of the datacenter to all of the end node devices no matter what, where and how they are connected. All of this done in a secure manner, of course.

Back in the datacenter, key technologies that are interesting to me are the new things coming in the Nexus product line and how it will tie in with UCS. So as we are expanding and scaling out our compute capacity on UCS what is going to be the most efficient and cost effective way to deliver this high level of service.

I am looking forward to this week and it should be a good time as well. I always like to hear John Chamber’s keynote, I wonder what his focus will be this year. Cloud Computing?


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