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Cisco Developer Network for Unified Computing

Back in April 2010 Cisco added Unified Computing to the Cisco Developer Network.  The idea of the network is to provide resources, forum and blog areas focused on development with the UCS Manager open XML API.  While I was in San Jose I spoke to a new Cisco person who is going to be focused on expanding this area and content.  So today I finally took some time to check it out . . .

You can tell it is new and the content is just starting but there is the beginning of some cool stuff. Currently it is organized under Unified Computing — UCS Manager. 

You will find sample code in the blog and resource sessions.  The meat of the resources are developer guides, some white papers and many tools and samples of PowerShell, Scripts and XML Samples.  I found the Getting Started session to be my favorite area.  This section gives you a direction to start digging into the XML API and how to approach coding in it.  Make sure to check out the video on this page that gives a good overview intro to the XML API.

You will also find information on the UCS Platform Emulator which can be used for testing and developing against.  You can request access to the emulator tool from this page.  The next item listed on the page is information about an actual UCS Sandbox that is available to developers hosted at a cloud provider.  For those folks ready to start writing some code for the API, there are the tools available to have at it.

My shop tends not to do too much in-house development but occasionally we will write some Perl or other scripts to automate tasks against AD or for ESX/VMware tasks.  I am starting to see a few areas in UCS that we might gain some benefits from a few scripts.  For example, when we perform updates to the firmware/bios there are about 3 or 4 steps you perform for each service profile.  These steps could be coded and managed to perform the tasks more timely and consistent.  As our UCS installation grows there may be more opportunities for other tasks/functions.

Now if you take a broader look at what this Developer Network will mean for the growth and management of Cisco UCS you can easily image how the Altiris, Tivoli, EMC Ionix, etc. of the world could eat this stuff up.  You can tell Cisco had vision early on to make this system open so it can fit well into most existing enterprise management frameworks either directly from the vendors or in-house development.

So check it out if you get a chance and come back occasionally to see how it evolves over time.


June 8, 2010 - Posted by | Cisco UCS

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