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UCS Upgrade: I/O Path Update 2 (quick)

In my last post regarding the UCS firmware upgrade process I described our proposed upgrade steps for the FEX modules and the Fabric Interconnects.  At the time the best information I had gathered indicated (release notes, TAC, etc.) the possibility of one minute interruption of I/O.

One of the great things about coming out to Cisco in San Jose is to be able to talk to the people who build this stuff in the business unit.  I will have more in-depth discussions tomorrow, but the quick info is some clarification on the “one minute interruption of I/O”.  It turns out this is really only referring to the Ethernet side of the I/O.  Your fiber channel storage area network will not have any disruption because of the multipath nature of FC, so no SAN connectivity disruption.  Next on the Ethernet side it sounds like if there is a disruption it really comes down to the MAC tables on the fabric interconnects and a few other failover functions.  The smaller the MAC tables the quicker the “failover”. 

Like I said, I will get more details tomorrow but wanted to get this new info out to everyone.  I am feeling pretty good about our upgrade next week.

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