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San Jose: That’s a Wrap

Well that was a great day!  When I was invited to represent my organization at the Cisco Datacenter Launch to talk about our UCS experience I was humbled, excited and nervous.  However, it is not often in someone’s career to have the opportunity to be included on a panel with such innovative leaders in the technology industry as David Lawler, Soni Jiandani, Boyd Davis and Ben Gibson.  Everyone was down to earth, personable and very comfortable to work with on the panel.  The goal was to make the event a relaxed discussion and the point of view of the customer was truly important to the panel and Cisco.  I was also amazed at how many people pull the details together for an event of this nature.  Lynn, Janne and Marsha were great making sure I was prepared and helped make everything go off smoothly. 

This customer focus continued to be evident after the video was completed.  I was able to spend the rest of the day with many key individuals, who made time for me, from the UCS business unit.  We had some deep technical discussions on various topics like firmware upgrades, wish lists, directions, ease of use vs. levels of control, etc.  I was asked by everyone for input regarding ways to improve as well as talking about how we are using the system.

To end my day on the Cisco campus, David Lawyer invited me to his office to meet with him and Mario Mazzola, Senior Vice President of Server and Virtualization Business Unit (SAVBU).  Mario has been a key technology person in Silicon Valley, leading the creation of the 6500 switch product, the Cisco MDS fiber channel product and now the Cisco UCS platform (along with many other accomplishments).  I think it is fair to say he is a legend in the industry (however, my impression is he is very humble and quickly acknowledge’s others for their contributions to the projects).  We had a conversation focused on the customer views related to the product and how it is Cisco’s goal to continual improve the system.  Mario and David are very down to earth people and it was clear to me Cisco is very customer focus from the top of the organization down.

Mario Mazzola, myself and David Lawler

So that’s a wrap for this trip to Cisco in San Jose for now . . .

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San Jose: Cisco Datacenter 3.0 Launch

Cool things are happening . . . check out the site for Cisco Datacenter 3.0.

My organization was invited to participate in a customer case study around the success we have had with Cisco UCS in a production environment.  The written and video case study are now available on Cisco’s web site and is featured on the main page that outlines the new addition and innovations coming for the datacenter.

Tomorrow, April 6, 2010 there will be the offical launch at 1 PM EST and can be viewed live online (link to register is above).  I have been invited to participate in the event and am honored to represent my organizaiton with Cisco.  So check it out, there are some very cool things coming right around the corner.

Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed on this blog are my own and are not endorsed by any person, vendor, or my employer.  This is to say the stuff on my blog are done not as an employee but as just another healthcare IT guy.

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UCS Upgrade: I/O Path Update 2 (quick)

In my last post regarding the UCS firmware upgrade process I described our proposed upgrade steps for the FEX modules and the Fabric Interconnects.  At the time the best information I had gathered indicated (release notes, TAC, etc.) the possibility of one minute interruption of I/O.

One of the great things about coming out to Cisco in San Jose is to be able to talk to the people who build this stuff in the business unit.  I will have more in-depth discussions tomorrow, but the quick info is some clarification on the “one minute interruption of I/O”.  It turns out this is really only referring to the Ethernet side of the I/O.  Your fiber channel storage area network will not have any disruption because of the multipath nature of FC, so no SAN connectivity disruption.  Next on the Ethernet side it sounds like if there is a disruption it really comes down to the MAC tables on the fabric interconnects and a few other failover functions.  The smaller the MAC tables the quicker the “failover”. 

Like I said, I will get more details tomorrow but wanted to get this new info out to everyone.  I am feeling pretty good about our upgrade next week.

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