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Boot times for UCS Blades

As part of our firmware upgrade process we will be rebooting the blades for the firmware to take effect.  So as part of my prep process I have done some time measures today to get a feel for how long it may take to accomplish our tasks.

I measured times for VMware, W2K3 and the Cisco Utility OS boot times.


ESX 4.0 host:

Shutdown Process:
VMware function:  Put into Maint Mode (9 up srv & 8 powered off srv):  3 min. 18 sec.
VMware function:  Power down ESX host via vCenter:  45 sec.

Boot Process:
UCS function:  Click Boot Server until ping and console appear:  4 min. 10 sec.
VMware function:  Time for ESX to fully become available in vCenter:  3 min. 13 sec. additional

Windows 2003 Server:

Boot Process:
UCS function:  Click Boot Server until Windows 2003 splash Screen:  2 min. 16 sec.
W2K3 function:  Time between splash screen and login prompt:  54 sec.

Shutdown Process:
W2K3 function:  38 sec.

Cisco Utility OS, i.e., Service Profile Association:

For any server to run on UCS you first have to associate a Service Profile to a physical blade.  This is the process in which the hardware abstraction is done by running the Cisco Utility OS on the physical blade.  This process does take some time. 

UCS function:  Associate/Disassociate Service Profile to blade:  5 min. 6 sec.

Note the time to Associate/Disassociate Service Profile to a Blade is something that is only ran when first associating these 2 items or when a change in the Service Profile is done.  This does NOT run on every boot.


March 26, 2010 - Posted by | Cisco UCS |

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  1. Interesting. Those power on times are pretty much exactly the same as I have recorded for our environment. 7ish minutes to a live fully functioning host.

    Thanks for doing this stuff. Your blog is great!

    Comment by Grant | March 29, 2010 | Reply

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