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UCS Manager: Introduction

The Cisco UCS Manager is the Java tool that is used to manage all aspects of the system. The UCSM resides on both 6120 Fabric Interconnects which are clustered.  You can either connect directly to a specific 6120 or the virtual IP (VIP) which connects you to the primary 6120.  If the primary 6120 fails it will automatically connect you to the backup.

UCS Manager is organized into four main sections; Equipment, Server, LAN, SAN and the Admin tab.  Each is navigated by using a tree structure.

UCS Manager Tabs.

View of the tabs in UCS Manager.

Equipment tab displays all of the hardware in a tree structure that can be branched out for greater detail.

Server tab is focused on the service profiles and all items specific to the configuration of the blades.  This is where a lot of the configuration happens.

LAN tab is focused on the Ethernet network side to define global settings like VLANs, internal network (connections southbound to the chassis fabric extenders) and external network (connections to northbound 6500 LAN) port settings.

SAN tab is focused on the fiber channel related items like VSANs, uplinks, etc.

Admin tab is where you configure all of the various global administration activities like authentication, LDAP, monitoring, alerts, etc.

I will go into details on the various sections in future posts.

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