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UCS configuration

We accomplished a lot today, I do not have much time to detail it now.

Quick Summary:

—  Defined all pools
—  Reviewed all policies for Server, LAN, SAN tabs
—  Created VSAN global setting (the VLAN setting is interesting)
—  Created vHBA updating templates
—  Created vNIC updating templates
—  Created an Initial Service Profile template

Once all of that work was completed we were able to pre-zone our SAN based on our pools.

Next we were successfully able to build an ESX vSphere host using our new UCS processes.

More details to come later, but a very good day.

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Cisco UCS vs. Cisco UC

There have been more than one person that I have told about us implementing the new Cisco UCS blade/server system and they automatically are thinking Unified Communication or VoIP.
It takes them a few minutes to change their mind set away from VoIP to Unified Computing System.
I think this will be a challenge for Cisco to get the message out about UC vs. UC . . .

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