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UCS implementation continues . . .

I put together a Picasa Web Album of about 50 pictures of the various components of the hardware.  It will give you a good visual of the system.  Check them out at:

Yesterday during our day 2 we mapped our out plan for implementing, testing the hardware, etc.  We jumped in creating our various pools and some test service profiles.  We did discover we need to better understanding of how the 6120 functions as an Ethernet “switch” compared to a traditional 6500.  We should nail down those details today.

In addition, we will get to setting up the fiber channel side of the I/O later this afternoon. 

Working on UCS implementation in our make shift conference room

We ran out of conference room space so we setup our own UCS implementation room, a nice warehouse feel to it! Photo credit D. Bregman 🙂

I plan to provide more details as we go on and I get time . . . enjoy the pics!


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