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UCS Implementation, Day 1

Our Cisco advance services engineer arrived today and we started our implementation . . . all good so far.

Some of what I learned:

—  When talking about the abstraction of the hardware (i.e., MAC address, WWN, etc.) it gets interesting when you start talking about connecting to the “KVM” of a blade.  The question is are you connecting to a specific blade or a slot in a chassis?  I will have to get a good grasp of it and try to explain what I figure out . . . stay tune.

—  We configured the 2 – 6120 fabric interconnects with IP addresses and a VIP.  Very straight forward, however, we ended up wiping the config. and doing it a second time because when you name a fabric interconnect it puts a -A or -B on the end.  So the first time we ended up with xxxx-ucs-A-A; a little confusing.  It took all but 15 minutes to erase the config and re-do it with a new name.

—  Cisco UCS Manager uses Java via most web browsers, I have used IE so far.

—  We plan to use AD authentication to validate to UCS manager, there are a few ways to do it.  We plan to use Radius which points to our AD.  Within the UCS manager we will define roles, etc.

—  We found out the first code update was release last Friday, we have decided to upgrade to before we moving forward.

Our UCS Manager

This is our UCS Manager right after giving it some IP addresses.

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